Raw vs Kibble

Have you been thinking about feeding a raw diet because you know it makes sense.  Have you hesitated because of the cost or raw high quality human grade meat.  We hear quite often from people that they believe feeding a raw diet is expensive and can be a burden on their budget.  It can appear this way initially but compare below and you will see that you can save quite a bit by having a pet on a natural raw diet.
Feeding a Kibble Diet :(
Feeding a Raw Diet :)
Costs of food
$.50 per day to $5.00 per day
Cost of food to prepare yourself. Depending on how well you know your butcher.  If you own livestock or have other sources of meat such as hunting, fishing, friends with livestock, you can prepare the diet for much less.
$.25 per day on up however we do not recommend getting your canine hooked on fillet mignon or your cat on sushi.
Dental Health
Treatment $95.00 - $330.00 without pain control, fluid & exam; chew toys, nylabones, rawhide, pigs ears (which can trigger pancreatitis), tooth brush & toothpaste $50.00
Raw Meaty Bones – Meaty bones are the natural way for teeth to get clean.  If you don’t believe us what have you got to lose…order some bones and feed for two weeks and you tell us what you see.
Advantage/ Frontline for fleas & ticks
$10.00-$14.00 tube $47-$60 per 6 month pack.
Garlic – garlic helps to manage flea infestations occasional use of additional preventatives may be needed during these times but the need will be much reduced.  The reduction of sugar in the diet will inhibit infestation (fleas and tick love sugar)
Rimadyl Glucosamine Chondroitin etc. for arthritis
$70.00 for 1 month of Rimadyl $70.00 for 1 month of Synovicre
Chicken feet – Yes chicken feet…we have seen so many pets starting out as old & creaky to feeling wonderful in as little time as a week.  Feet are cartilage.  They are a natural unprocessed source of glucosamine and chondroitin.
2.00 per lb
Otomax, ear exams & cleaning
$30.00 exam to $150.00 for sedation & cleaning
Elimination of yeast from diet.  Yeast is used n kibble as a cheap source of vitamin B.  We use natural sources like leafy greens & liver.  Yeast can cause ear, skin and many other problems.
Proin or DES for urinary incontinence (potty accidents)
$54.00 per month
Elimination of grains – Grains tend to be hard on the urinary tract.  Creating excellent urinary health can often eliminate leaking and/or accidents.
Excessive use can cause resistance to many infections.  Prices vary.
Garlic – Garlic is a great natural antibiotic, antiviral & anti-parasitic.
Worming Medications
$25.00 & stress on the kidneys & liver of a healthy pet never mind a pet with kidney or liver problems.
Garlic – Garlic is a great natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic.
Nausea, Flatulence, IBD
Flagyl, Special prescription diet
Ginger - A natural digestive aid. For severe cases add Prozyme.  Raw meat is the most digestible food for cats & dogs.  Therefore feeding raw meat is easier on the digestive tract.
Included or add Prozyme
Soloxine or Methimazole
Kelp – Kelp will promote healthy thyroid with a natural source of iodine.
One of the most costly problems we see. Miscellaneous medications, exams, itching, runny eyes, late nights listening to your pet chewing, hot spots, vomiting.
Alfalfa - Elimination of grain, yeast dairy, additives, preservatives & cooked products.
Included.  We also can customize the diet for specific allergies to certain meats.
BNPH for eye infections
$16.00 per tube.  Contains steroids.
Garlic – A natural antibiotic. Eyebright tea as a compress.
Garlic included.  Eyebright tea $6.00 for lb.  We’ve used this for conjunctivitis with great success.
Body odor
Grooming & toxic perfume products. Cleaning your clothing, upholstery, carpets & general household odors from a smelly pet.
Elimination of grain, yeast dairy, additives, preservatives & cooked products.
Just wait you will be amazed!!
Exposure to toxins; antifreeze, high levels of pollution, weed killer, rat poison, chocolate, overdose medications
Emergency care, Intensive care, hospitalization, in many cases euthanization $100.00 minimum
Milk thistle seed as a liver cleanses repairer.  For any poisoning case always consult with your veterinarian.  However results with raw diet & milk thistle seed have been proven to repair liver damage & shorten healing time.
Puppy Growth
Special high protein pet food.  Visits to vet for growing pains, worming (hard on kidneys and liver).  Vaccinations etc.  Potbellied look, stool eating.
Raw benefits puppies in so many ways.  It’s easily digestible so pups & kittens won’t be tempted to snack on poop.  Again garlic is a natural de-wormer.  High QUALITY protein promotes optimal slow growth preventing dysplasia & pano.  Milk thistle seed cleanses the liver after vaccinations.  Natural calcium for healthy teeth & bones, which also reduces excess growth.  Stool & urine odor are reduced to make cleaning accidents more bearable.
Stool odor, constancy & size
Smelly, large, gooey, all sorts of fluorescent colors depending on your kibble brand.  Kibble poop can last for weeks, even months due to the high levels of preservatives.
Consuming bones makes the stool hard.  Bone stools can be stepped on after a few days & will blow away in the wind.  Veggie stools are softer but they decompose quickly as well.  Since there are no fillers the amount of stool produced will be about 1/3 of what you see with a kibble fed pet since with a raw diet most of the nutrients are digested & absorbed.
Laxatone (petroleum product) for hairballs
$10.00 per tube
Naturally occurring enzymes in raw food can break down and/or move miscellaneous items found in hairballs.
Vet visits:  gas, time off from work, travel to vet.
Home delivery – You don’t have to go anywhere and when on AutoShip you’ll never run out of food.
Nominal charge


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